The Current Version of OpenCart is: 0.93 (download here)
Welcome to OpenCart.Org. We have created an open source shopping cart that is easy to install and use, while having the ability to provide a very high level of functionality. The software is production quality code, but we expect to have several powerful enhancements for this code in the weeks to come.
We have this shopping cart running in a few sites right now, including US Fireworks. Here are just a few of the features in the current release:
  • Provides a complete "drop in" replacement for the PayPal shopping cart, including parameters. All you need to do is change to your own URL and your code will continue to work using Authorize.Net (a real merchant gateway).

  • Provides a credit card interface to Authorize.Net. No more PayPal to deal with!

  • Written entirely in Perl -- can run on any platform with DBI, MySQL, and a few common Perl modules.

  • Provides full encryption of session cookies.

  • Built in code to prevent cross-site scripting attacks and other malicious behavior.

  • Uses the MySQL database.

  • Provides an elegent interface that can be completely customized for any type of application. To run the test application on this site click here. Note this demo is in test mode only. Any 16 digit number can be usedas a credit card in demo mode to test the checkout features.

  • The code is well-writen and easy to modify. To view the source code in cgi-bin/, the database schema in db/, or other files click here.

We are currently at release 0.93 of this code. If you would like to download the current version, click here to download opencart-0.93.tgz.
If you do not have a merchant account, or you do have a merchant account but do not have an Authorize.Net gateway account, you can to apply for a merchant account and/or an Authorize.Net gateway account by clicking this button.

The next release will include tools to update products using the MySQL database, and some tools to generate static web pages using HTML templates and the contents of the database. OpenCart will support both static (fixed HTML files) and dynamic *CGI produced) web page formats.
If you would like to know more, or would simply like to be informed of updates as they are posted to the site, send email to and I will add you to the OpenCart announcement list.
Note that OpenCart is being incorporated into a much more comprehensive content management system framework that will be released in 2014. Stay tuned!
Dave Stoddard -- 12/05/2013